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I’ve always been the most in touch with my creative side. Fresh out of highschool, I packed my bags and moved to Manhattan for 2 years just to experience the world of Tv and Film. Once that part of the journey was complete, I found myself back home in the health industry and eventually the corporate world unsatisfied for the most part and not being able to authentically express myself…at some point a change had to come which led to my inquiry for an interview with Model Mafia . Im a dreamer , a visionary . I am gracious , fierce , and wise. I am a deep thinker and a charming soul…quiet with loud energy…an active listener and when I do decide to speak , it’s never for nothing. I speak to the God within everyone around me. I am your reflection , I’m Ocean 🤍

What do I do? I inspire by being inspired by others around me. For someone who hasn’t had a lick of voice training, I can hold a lovely note. I’m a certified Sanford Meisner Technique actress with passion and ambition.


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Though the website isn’t due to be up and running until January 11,2024 . I will be one of the few models selected to be featured -YarnOverEssentials- .


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