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What is a head shot

headshot are used for many reasons, but in the entertainment business, a headshot is distributed to promote models actors and actresses. Casting directors use these photos as a way to see who they might want to hire for work in their next production. a way to quickly decide if they want to work with an actor as a client.

Why it's important

A headshot and resume together are the most important tools that you can possibly use when it comes to finding work.

your headshot must be kept current and up to date. Casting directors need to know what you look like right now, not two years ago.


What is portrait photo

Portrait captures the full body and personality of the subject by using effective lighting, backdrops, props and poses.

portrait is carefully planned and rehearsed with the client


It's important for models and actors to have as many portrait photos To show character personality and the ability to give an idea of how many looks you can accomplish giving you an higher chance to casted by numerous types of roles

Editorial fashion Shoot

EDITORIAL Part of editorial photography in fashion, is for the purpose of publication (Magazine, Newspaper, etc.). A fashion editorial is a series of images which tell a story or define a lifestyle. There are usually between 6 to 15 images, 6-10 different looks.


These editorials are more about the mood and the situation the garments would be worn in. In editorial photography clothes can become an illustrative mean to tell a fashion story

They are used as an effective way to strengthen newspaper and magazine articles, blog posts, and other written commentaries by lending visual context to a story. This is important for every model to have once she becomes published or has built a portfolio

Included in all packages

  • Phone consultation
  • Studio time
  • Wardrobe Selection
  • Pose Coaching
  • Ready to print 8x10
  • 1080p ready for website
  • Retouched Pictures